by Pieces of Juno

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Produced & mixed by Juno Jensen
Recorded in "Ambassaden", Oslo & Kleiva Studio, Halden, Norway.
Mastered by Åse Ava Fredheim
Artwork by William Hay
Record label: KOSO
Distributor: Diger / INgrooves
Supported by FFUK

Special thanks to the KOSO collective, William & Io, spaceprobe Juno & NASA


released March 27, 2020


all rights reserved



Pieces of Juno Oslo, Norway

Norwegian singer, producer, songwriter.

Northern Noir.

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Track Name: I/O
Who are you?
Let your light shine through Set these moments aside
Are you?
Let your light shine through Set this moment aside
One deep breath
Track Name: Needing
Fill this heart
Fill this heart
Fill my heart with life and love
Fill this soul
Yeah, fill these souls
Oh fill my soul with light and compassion
It’s all that I’m needing, needing, needing Let things flow, let it go
Fill up these thoughts
Yeah fill up my bones
Yeah light up this joint with love and devotion You’re fast, your strong
Might be right, might be wrong
An intention on One
On just one
Is all that I’m needing, needing, needing To let things flow
Let it go
Track Name: Silence in Secrets
I’m the silence in secrets
An immovable light
I’m a drop in the ocean
I’m a lark in the night
I’m the silence in secrets
I’m the tip of the blade
The intention in virtue
I’m the rage and the hate
For all who seeks me in contemplation
You walk with me, you walk with me
I’m zero, I’m one
I’m daughter, I’m son
The unflickering One
I’m pain so exquisite
I’m the rays of existence
I’m a shiver of pleasure
I’m one and I’m none, I’m one and I’m none
For all the voices
For all the thinkers
Think only of me
Think only of me
I’m final acceptance
I’m resting in you
All the truths we project
All the truths we create
Track Name: Wake up
Wake us up, wake us up, wake us up oh wake us up
Track Name: Higher Power
I should’ve known before
All is good enough for me
All that I ever needed
Is right in front of me
Not fall for temptation no more
All I do now is look ahead and breathe
Accept what I can’t change
Feel the ground beneath my feet

Now I am Falling Raising Faster Fire Lifting Tracing
A Higher Power

Look up see the clouds form
Different shapes in different dreams
Better not be lonesome
It is the air that we breathe
You can be spiritual
A bit political
Praise your curiosity
You know what you want
Listen to yourself
And not to me

Now I am Falling Raising Faster Fire Lifting Tracing
A Higher Power
Track Name: Wake me up
I open my eyes
I open my mind
I open my soul to you
And hope you’ll love me
I open my body
To whatever may happen
I open my heart
To whomever may enter

Wake me up, oh wake me up, wake me up even if I am tired
Wake me up, oh wake me up, wake me up, oh wake me up

You can go your own way
I walk by your side
Through the wet in the ocean
Through the dark in the night
Oh brush off the dust
That you see in the mirror
The light in your eyes
Now you are alive

Oh wake me up, oh wake me up, wake me up even if I am sleeping
Wake me up, oh wake me up, oh wake me up, wake me up
Track Name: i. e.
In a cute, twisted sense
I would do it all again
Cause my heart is longing for the action, satisfaction
my mind is longing to be free
So take a deep breath
Count to four
In, one two three
out, two two three
You know I’ve seen it all before
Silence your thoughts
Do your work
Just be still and do your work and breathe in and out

Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale
Breathe in and out
In and out

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